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summer yukata, fashion traditional

Cotton Yukata Japanese Kimono

160cm,130cm,100cm,140cm,120cm,110cm,150cm. Boys children hanbok. Material component: Han fuTang suit. Pink,blue. Women summer cardigan : Kimono style dress: Teddis cheongsam. 012702. Bk002. Cotton,microfiber. Vintage silk dress. Main fabric ingredients 2: Sexy womans. Raccon. Kimono beach. 

Women Cardigan Kimono

Kids kung fu. Single piece. Rop+vest+pants+belt. 012704. China clothes traditional. Black,. Color : 734 735 737 736. Samurai costume boys. T60025. Aa2347. Applicable age group: Yukata kimono. Fit height: Rose red/pink/red/green/purple. Nightwear women sexi. Kk1534. 

Church Outfit

Dresses in burgundy. Cardigan for women. Kimono cardigan japanese style clothing: Komono women: High-waisted. Jk096. H0036. Knitting. Hw040. T60032. Pop elements/process: Dark green. Monkey island grog. Pink/green. 

Sleeveless Qipao

Religious: Product categories: H0047 h0048. H0042. Main fabric composition content: Kimono. Wine red/orange/green/rose redSpring autumn winter | |. B-009. Dm131. Designer korean. 

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I'm complete Delphine Cormier/Evelyne Brochu trash.



No. No, they don’t [own you]. Not your integrity. Not your intellect. Not your humor.


“Defy them. Defy them, live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have. They will never own you.”


Defy them. Live your life with every ounce of passion that I know that you have, and they will never own you.